Get Involved

I am currently cycling 5000 miles round the perimeter of the U.K. to raise money for Hope for Hasti! I am saving money as much as I can by sleeping in my bike camper, eating cheaply and only buying what I need. Cycling around the U.K. can still be expensive however and any help allows me to keep pedalling! Here's a few ways you can help:   

A Place To Sleep

Most nights the plan is to sleep in my bike camper but if you live on route or know anyone that does. A hot shower and a place to sleep brings me joy! Aftern many nights on the road I will be grateful to have a good nights sleep. Please send me a message via my contact:

A Little Money Goes A Long Way

If you would like to donate to Hope for Hasti and improve the lives of children with CDLS you can use the donation button below which will take you directly to my fundraising page!

Become A Patron

If you would like to give a small amount each month in return for some exclusive rewards then Patreon might be for you! Becoming a patreon member helps support me to keep pedalling on my journey and in return you can get access to lots of different rewards such as being able to track my journey, early updates, exclusive photos from my trip, postcards, Q & As and so much more:


Donating Kit

If your a company that supplies outdoor clothing or equipment that would help me on the cycle and you would like to donate some to me please get in touch using the contact button below. In return your clothing or equipment will gain exposure through my social media posts, blog and even on my website! If you like I can even be part of your events or presentations talking about my trip.

Become A Sponsor

Any help financially will help me to keep cycling and creating content. If you are a business wanting to become a part of what I do in return for sponsorship I can add your companies logo to my clothing & bike. Allowing you to be featured on my instagram, videos, blogs and be featured on my website. Whatever your ideas are for becoming part of my journey please use the contact button below to get in touch.