Why are you cycling 5000 miles around the U.K?

I'm doing this to raise funds for Hope for Hasti a charity that means so much to me and to show people how kind the public is in the U.K! I've done some solo traveling to a few different countries as well as two big adventures to date and a few things about it capture my imagination in a way that nothing has done previously. Life on the road for me is beautiful, simple and challenging, a perfect combination for my personality. Each day I have purpose, to raise money for children with rare diseases, to be constantly in motion while at the same time not working towards a monetary goal or being consumed by ambition.

The nature of life on the road forces me to live with minimal possessions and I am content with the simple life cycle touring provides. Of course along with it comes challenges through tough conditions or situations but each day I am constantly rewarded with beautiful interactions with people and experiences I would find nowhere else. 

Where are you heading?

This one is tricky and one many struggle to get their head round when I talk of my adventures. I dislike planning, and I mean really dislike doing it. People often ask what my route for tomorrow is and I have no idea, simply turning to trust google maps in the morning and finding somewhere interesting to head to. 

My goal is to cycle around the perimeter of the U.K. and I will aim to update route plans as I go along trying to keep them around a month ahead of where I'm currently cycling. Please check out my social media for the latest route plans and where you can meet me along the road!

What motivates you and makes it all worth it?

People, people and more people! The interactions with those I meet on my adventures bring me the greatest joy. When you cycle or walk through a country you don't just see the highlights, the tourist hot spots but you really SEE a country. You meet locals, you learn about their culture and what it truly means to live there. I will be living, working and eating with locals along the country and hope to gain a real sense of empathy for life in an entirely different world to mind. Coming from England I have had a privilege upbringing and want the experience to be authentic, gritty and real living as the locals would do. 

How can I get involved or have my own adventures?

Okay bare with me on this one, it's so simple it will make your brain hurt. Starting you own adventure is easy. I really mean that too it's only your mind that's in the way. Costs are low, life is simple, you need a small amount of gear to live and all the knowledge you need is out there! Your already a step closer than most finding my website as you can reach out to me for advice on how to get started. If you lost all your money and were kicked out of your house you would be amazed how creative and capable you would quickly become finding solutions to problems along the way. You can spend a long time planning and thinking about your own trip but really if you took an old bike, bought some gear off a list you found online and headed off without a plan or any training chances are not only would you be fine but you would have an awesome time!

I'm simplifying of course but you are capable to a lot more than you realise and if your thinking about it send me a message and I'll help you get on the road!

How can I support your charity cycle or donate to you?

If you would like to donate to my charity fundraising page please use the button below. All funds from here go directly to Hope for Hasti and nowhere else!

I'm interested in sponsoring you or doing business with you, how do I get in touch?

Any help financially will help me to keep cycling and creating content. If you are a business wanting to become a part of what I do in return for sponsorship I can add your companies logo to my clothing & bike bags. Allowing you to be featured on my instagram, videos, blogs and be featured on my website. Whatever your ideas are for becoming part of my journey please use the contact button below to get in touch.

Who inspired you to do this and who do you look up to?

Looking for inspiration? I've got a few ideas for you and how it all began for me! 

People to follow on Instagram or Facebook:

Ed Pratt - Unicycled Around the World 

Tom Turcich - Currently Walking Around The World

Heike aka the pushbike girl - Cycled Around The World

Adventureman - Been on some bonkers charity adventures such as running 5000 miles across Canada

Sean Conway - Awesome British adventurer, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro dressed as a penguin

Steve Mccurry - One of my favourite photographers journeying across the world

Anna Mcnuff - British adventurer and partner to Adventureman. This girl ran barefoot across New Zealand!

Levison Wood - British explorer who's walked into some of the most dangerous countries in the world

Out of Eden Walk - One mans journey recreating the journey of our ancestors on foot

Books To Check Out:

Born to Run - Christopher Mcdougall

Into The Wild - Jon Krakauer 

Into Thin Air - Jon Krakauer

Adventureman - Jamie Mcdonald

Call of the Wild - Jack London

The Old Ways - Robert Mcfarlane 

The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho

Arabia - Levison Wood

Still looking for more inspiration? Check out my reading list here: