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Kilcoy, The Search For Aussie Bigfoot

In my last blog I talked about my time in Maryborough where I stayed for a while soaking a new place to call home. I experienced some great markets, found the home of Mary Poppins and captured sunsets over the town hall. In this blog I continue my journey down the coast towards Brisbane where my friend is coming into land.

Kilcoy, The Search For Aussie Bigfoot
Kilcoy, The Search For Aussie Bigfoot

With one day left before my friend Taleen arrived in Brisbane I decided to visit a rather unusual little spot on the way to the city. I take pride in finding the odd, the esoteric and this place was no exception. I was headed for Kilcoy. During my time in Maryborough I had thought about the trip home and checked out one of my favourite websites Atlas Obscura for a few spots to visit. One evening I stumbled across this:

THE SMALL TOWN OF KILCOY has two claims to fame: it’s home to some of the best meat pies in Australia and it’s right in the middle of Yowie country. While the American Big Foot is the most well known humanoid cryptid, Australia has its very own overgrown, mythical primate living in the hinterlands of the South East Coast.

Known as the Wawee, Tjangara or the Yowie, Australia’s version of Big Foot has been featured in numerous stories from Indigenous tribes to early settlers across Australia. However, Kilcoy’s part in those stories is much more recent. It starts in 1979 when two local boys claimed to witness a three metre tall Yowie and attempted to shoot it. It took off, allegedly leaving behind a sulfurous smell. Plaster casts were supposedly taken of its footprints and the boys became local folklore.

- Atlas Obscura

It had officially caught my eye and before I knew it I was typing Kilcoy into google maps. I drove into Kilcoy early in the morning giving myself plenty of time to explore and set out to make a video of my time here.

Sitting in a park in the dawn hours it was just me and the local wildlife. I admired the pond which occupied the centre of the park and the numerous birds that lived there. I zoomed in as far as I could with my camera to try and figure out what different types they might be. I needed some time to wake up and slowly get my head together. I munched on a few kiwis from my van, threw cold water on my face and started to unpack my filming gear from beneath my bed.

Out it all came except the drone and I began to make a video of my trip to Kilcoy. I had heard rumours of the local Yowie although I didn't intend to find it. Wandering around the town I find more about this local legend. Each year on Yowie day the locals would get involved in their own traditions. One of which involves the fathers and sons heading down to the Yowie statue erected in town and attach a set of water balloons to it. A nod to a previous statue that had the crown jewels included for all to see.

The more I looked I found other nods to the local legend. Yowie burgers along with meat pies sold at shops and the pitch of their local team the Kilcoy Yowies. I spent a long time searching for this illusive creature but never found anything. Lots of stories however and I was pleased at my stop in this tiny town of which most people would have driven straight by. I spent the night here dreaming of strange creatures roaming around in the dark.

I peered out of my window making out the silhouette of something in the dark. My heart began to pound as this figure moved around towards the edge of the green, looking right at the statue. What was I witnessing? A yowie recognising it's own kind? I very slowly rolled down my window to take a closer look. Oh it's just a builder taking a piss. Time to go back to bed!

I headed off in the morning towards Brisbane where our next blog will take us ready for more adventures ahead. This time with a travelling companion for a while. A few weeks later I posted my Youtube video of Kilcoy and got a lot of interest from a paranormal investigator. I received loads of messages and emails in hopes of interviewing me about my trip there. I never did reply to any of those...

In my next blog my friend Taleen comes to stay and we visit some awesome places. Australia zoo, moreton island and the first glow worm caves I've ever been to. This is going to be good!

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