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In my last blog I talked about my time in Byron bay with my friends Anja, Carla and Cille. Now that Anja had left to return home to Brisbane it was time for me to push onto my next location. A few people in Byron had talked about Noosa, explaining to me that it had a similar vibe to Byron and definitely a place to visit. They had worked in a coffee shop there and it was just the place I needed. A beautiful spot and a place to build up funds again. It was time to head to Noosa!


Noosa was going to be my home for a while and became my new base of operations for the next few months. I lived and worked here and with the new friends I made went on many new adventures such as Mount Beerwah, the everglades and Carnavon Gorge but more on those in later blogs! When I arrived I didn't know what to expect but headed straight to a hostel called Nomads. I spent a few days here getting to know some people, heading out into town and visiting the alluring beaches that would become so familiar to me. There was a place called little cove which felt like a true paradise. The hostel only 10 minutes walk from the beach.

After a few days here and while cooking myself my cheap dinner of pasta and pesto in the hostel kitchen I noticed a sign. It was offering a vacancy for a kitchen cleaner in return for free accommodation, washing, some meals and all the wifi you could muster. I took the opportunity immediately and was moved to room 11 one of the staff rooms. I spent a few months in this room getting to know a host of characters. Sasha, Thom, Theresa, Indiana, Jack, Annie, Laura, Hilma, Alex, Ruslan, Mette and Gregoire are among a few of the people I spent the most amount of time with. Some would hang out together, some cut my hair, others serenaded us with their guitar.

Much in the same way as my time doing farm work in Australia this brilliant bunch became my new family to spend time with. In the early days we drank a lot together, went up to the highest point around to view sunsets and dreamed of the world together. It was another treasured time in my memory and as per usual there's too many memories to put down in the blog so I will leave you with just a few. My job was extremely boring and I was terrible at it. I had to clean the kitchen at different points during the day, most of my time was spent killing the hundreds of cockroaches that lived in the walls and would do anything to infest the kitchen.

Once my shift was over I would head out exploring in the afternoons before returning late at night to go out on the town. We had a great bar too called KBs where I spent many nights covered in UV, listening to all sorts of music and drinking myself paralytic on many nights. Being worked of the hostel in our own room brought with it some privileges and a sense of grandeur as we as a group went round the hostel. Personally the powers I had over laundry, the kitchen and the coveted staff wifi were too hard not to abuse. Many favours being given out among food vouchers to the people I liked around the hostel.

My friend Ellie from England!

One time while scrubbing away at a counter in the kitchen I looked up to see a familiar face. It was Ellie! It blew my mind to see someone that I recognised from back home, we had gone to school together and she just happened to be doing a trip with her friend in Oz down the coast. A very surreal experience and I remember chatting late into the night of home, bringing back all sorts of memories before her friend rolled over and told us to be quiet because she needed sleep so that was the end of my little home remembering session.

Other than that I had a similar lifestyle here to Byron, lots of drinking, chatting to people and relaxing on beaches or watching the others surf. I always thought I would learn but never got round to it. I never managed to find a job here that paid me any money but I loved the time nonetheless. My favourite pass time was to wake up at 5am with some others from the hostel (unheard of between backpackers) to walk down to the beach with surf boards and sunrise surf. I would fly my drone high into the air and grab photos and videos of everyone as the sun began climbing above us.

From the air you could make different patterns of people and I did my best to capture as many people as possible. Apart from work there was the night life too. I think back to a time that we were standing outside the bar waiting to get in when an echidna appeared out from nowhere and started trying to find a place to hide. Some drunk guys were trying to harm the poor little guy so we ended up shouting at them and made them stay back as the echidna managed to find some bushes to scurry away under. Beyond this when I had days off we would take lots of trips to nearby spots. We visited a lot of national parks during this time, Noosa had it's own of course with secluded beaches and rock pools you could dive into called the fairy pools.

I would like to make a mental note here that the sunrises and sunsets I experienced in Noosa will never be forgotten. So many moments that are impossible to capture on film but I had attached one video to give you an idea! I had started walking around barefoot at this point living with the beaches and the ocean. Another time that shaped the man I am today. The people too have remained friends with me till this day and I would love to meet up with them again in another sun soaked country. Whether it be cooking and eating together, chatting on the beach, out drinking or coming with me on trips to Bunnings. You wonderful people know how much a part of my life you all were and that time is something no one can ever take away from us.

But there were many others national parks too quite close to Noosa and after a short drive a few of us would bundle out my camper to forests full of nature swimming in and beneath waterfalls. I had no money to my name here but I was living the dream once more! I have many memories of my trips during my time in Noosa but more on that in the next blog...

In my next blog I talk about my trips to Mount Beerwah and Dularcha national park!

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